Hind Meddeb

Documentary · 2018

Storie Vere di Palermo

This short film reveals how the City of Palermo and its inhabitants resist to the new immigration laws and the xenophobic policy of Matteo Salvini, and captures this very fragile moment where the word solidarity never had been so meaningful.

This film was shot during an art residency in Palermo on the invitation of the foundation “True tales of the Mediterranean” and the “French Institute of Palermo”. With the artist Lina Issa, we collected true stories from the inhabitants. We walked the different districts from the center to the suburb: exploring Ballaro, Borgo Vecchio, Bar Italico, Costa Sud, sitting down with the people of the city.


When we arrived to start the project in June 2018, Matteo Salvini, chief of the League, a nationalist and anti-immigrants movement, was just appointed Interior Minister. He promises to close Italian ports to immigrants and asylum seekers. The whole town was badly shaken up. The policy of Salvini was opening the door to the worst xenophobic speeches. The fragile coexistence that defines the identity of Palermo was more than ever threatened. In that context, the film revealed how ordinary citizens continue to live together with their differences. The film took the form of a travel diary. It’s like spending one day in Palermo: from the sunrise with the fishermen on the sea to the nightlife in Ballaro district. AT the end of the day, you feel the delicate balance between communities, and you see that despite poverty, solidarity is stronger, people just want to live together.


Produced by True tales of the Mediterranean

Supported by: French Institute of Palermo |